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Biomedical waste in a veterinary Office

When we talk about biomedical waste and hazardous waste, the majority of people only think about hospitals. Although they are considered the main source of most medical waste,

Other facilities such as the veterinary clinics also creates biomedical waste that needs to be handled and disposed in a proper manner.

The following things must be to taken into consideration if you assist in managing a vet clinic.

Know Where To Place Your Sharps And Other Regulated Medical Waste

When pets visit the vet office, logically they can’t exactly tell the doctor about the symptoms they are complaining of as humans will. This means the vet will have to run more tests than usual to determine why Fido is not acting like himself. Therefore, in the result of more tests more syringes and needles will be needed. Besides tests, many people bring their pet in annually for routine vaccinations. And although many vets try to give as few shots as possible, the needles add up.

Needles (sharps) must be placed in a safe, designated sharps bin as it is done in hospitals. Besides needles, anything which is contaminated with blood must also be thrown away in a designated place such as a red bag. With Glycon, all of our services include bio-hazard bags and bio-hazard boxes. And if you wonder what goes where, just contact us to get all the answer to your questions.

When we speak about medical waste, where it is disposed. whether it is regulated or not, everyone working at the veterinary clinic and office must be properly trained and educated about what goes where. For instance, one must certainly know that it is not the best idea to use a cutely painted milk jug and to throw away used needle. Besides causing harm to a worker or animal in the clinic, it will cause your clinic a hefty fine.

If you use such methods for disposing medical waste, it could cost your clinic too expensive. And in extreme cases, a vet could be shut down. Working with a medical waste disposal company like Glycon can both assist you to create a safer environment, and it can also help prevent costly fines.

Glycon Can Help You Manage Your Medical Waste Disposal

At Glycon, we realize the trouble caused by ever-changing rules and regulations. If you cooperate with us, you can insure yourself with everything and get rid of any kind of troubles and headache as you get a team that does the research, the training, and everything in between.

Call us at (844) 494-8222 to and learn more about our flexible pick-up options for medical waste disposal in Los Angeles and surrounding SoCal Areas.

3 Tips On Managing Red Medical Waste Containers

Red medical waste containers

The plastic red medical waste containers and red medical waste disposal bags which can be found in the exam rooms of the family doctor, vet clinic, or dentist office are NOT just for decoration. These red bags are typically designed and provided to hold biomedical waste and to help in time of the disposal process. The red coloring also helps bring attention to the people working in the facilities and it easily warns them that the bags and containers are “special” and have to be treated with “special” care and attention.
the following three tips are to help you manage your red bag, biomedical waste.

Separate Your Medical Waste To Save Money And Your Business

While disposing of medical waste, it is forbidden to mix them, with the other rubbish you have. It is forbidden both by law and there exist also hefty fines enforced for being non-compliant. There exist fines for improper medical waste disposal .In fact, not separating your medical waste in a right way is one of the most common infractions and carries a steep fine.
Only bio-hazardous waste should be placed in red bags or red containers. Bio-hazardous waste is the solid or liquid medical waste and is contaminated with blood or other infectious material. Red medical waste containers and red medical bags must be moved away from general trash bins. In doing so the chance of medical waste being thrown in the regular trash can will be decreased and vice versa. It can save you both from getting a high priced fine, and also cut down on the amount of non-medical waste going in the red bags and bins and ultimately not to waste your money money.

Choose The Right Red Medical Waste Containers From The Beginning

As to medical waste, there isn’t a “one size fits all” container. In fact, there are a few things to think and carry out when deciding on medical waste containers.

  1. Containers should be DOT-approved.
  2. Containers should be the correct size for the waste.
  3. Containers should be the correct material for the type of waste.

Glycon, provides biomedical waste bags and biomedical waste boxes. It will also help you you know more about what type of waste goes into which type of container.

Don’t Forget About Sharps

It doesn’t matter that sharps are small, much damage can be caused by them if not disposed of in a right way. They can also rack up fines if anyone, including employees, gets stuck. The sharps which have already been used must be put into a container that cannot easily be punctured and preferably in such a container which was made of regulated plastic containers, One should also empty or change out his/her container unless it is full. If not doing so, it will increase the chances of employees getting stuck. Sharps should also be closed or locked in a sharps container before being placed in a red bag.

At Glycon LLC, we understand that it can be  a daunting task to control your medical waste. Call us for all you Los Angeles medical waste disposal needs.


Biomedical Waste Management

A dental office is an active place. Patients are going in and out of exam rooms. Dentists, hygienists, and assistants are moving throughout. This ‘hustle -rustle’ can pose a problem for many dental offices when planning proper medical waste management. For example, in order to organize an easy going disposal, containers need to be close by while also out of the reach of patients, especially children.

Here are the four most common types of biomedical waste in a dental practice.

Learn how Glycon biomedical waste company can help with biomedical waste management solutions.


As all of us know many people are very much afraid of going to the dentist due to their fear of needles. Sharps are used on a regular basis in dental offices for a variety of reasons. Many times needles are used for local anesthetic purposes or to draw blood from a patient who may be undergoing oral surgery.

In order to avoid potential risks in connection with sharps, they should always be placed in a clearly labeled sharps container. Glycon provides red bio-hazard puncture resistant and leak proof sharps containers. It helps to keep your staff safe, and also prevents accidents, protects your patients, and helps make the overall medical waste pickup and removal without any difficulties.

Blood Soaked Products

There are many dental treatments resulting in blood soaked products such as gauze. Blood soaked gauze is a bio-hazardous material that may also be considered a blood-borne pathological waste product. In either cases, blood soaked products should be thrown away in a specially determined place such as leak proof and puncture resistant red bio-hazard bag or a clearly marked biohazard container.
Taking into consideration the volume of your business activity Glycon will surely help you decide what size red waste bags and containers you will need. This will help your practice stay compliant and save money for a very long period of time.

Mercury Amalgams, Silver Waste, Lead Waste

As mercury amalgams contain mercury, they must never be thrown in the trash, down the drain, or in a red medical waste container. Actually, there exist specific regulations surrounding the disposal of this highly toxic element such as using amalgam separators to catch as much mercury as possible.
Besides mercury, there are some dental practices which have to worry about silver waste. In case if your practice hasn’t been able to upgrade to digital x-ray technology, then chances are high that silver fixer is still being used. Silver fixer should never be washed down the drain. Silver waste product can be collected and disposed of by a professional biomedical waste company such as Glycon.

Chemicals And Sterilization Products

Most of the chemicals and sterilization products used in facilities such as dentist offices can be harmful to the environment, your staff, and your patients. As some chemicals are hazardous, try to learn as much as possible and follow all federal guidelines and regulations. In case of having questions concerning to the types of chemicals which you use in your practice and to finding our how to dispose of them properly, don’t waste your time, hurry to call Glycon. Our professional team is here to help when you need it.

Let Glycon Create Biomedical Waste Solutions For Your Practice

Glycon specializes in Los Angeles medical waste disposal but we service all of Southern and Central CA. Whether you are a dental or doctors office in Southern we can assist you in drawing up a biomedical waste plan that will save you time, money, and a little sanity when dealing with state and federal regulated medical waste disposal.


medical waste management

The number of senior assisted living and nursing homes has been greatly increasing over the last few years. Nursing homes are not quite hospitals, however they offer a few types of healthcare treatments to insure the happy and healthy standard of living of their residents. So there exist a lot of rules and regulations to follow when it is spoken about the medical waste produced. If you throw it away in the trash it will not reduce it.

If you operate a nursing home, check out our guide to help improve your regulated medical waste management and learn how Glycon can help.

1. Create A Medical Waste Management Program

People are out at risk in case if hazardous biomedical waste is not disposed of in a right way. Hence, it is necessary to create a medical waste program which would comply with federal and state regulations.

In addition to keeping your senior residents and staff safe, a great medical waste program can also save money. All the members of the staff must know exactly what is allowed to throw away in regular trash cans, what can be recycled, and what medical waste goes into what containers. If you separate and manage your overall medical waste in a proper manner, you can save your assisted living or nursing home facility money.

2. Train All Staff On Safe Medical Waste Disposal

You have the opportunity to have a perfect medical waste program, but it is in vain if you cannot get your staff on board. Many nursing homes and other medical facilities do not manage to dispose of medical waste in a proper way because of the absence of training.

3. Properly Store Your Medical Waste

Part of a facility’s medical waste plan is to know sorting of medical waste into disposal container. Every day a nursing home uses items that is considered medical waste such as needles, syringes, bandages, gloves, and other items that may contain bodily fluid which may be infectious.
Glycon will provide you with the proper red medical waste disposal bags and red plastic containers for you to dispose of medical waste. Knowing properly to store your medical waste, will not only make it easier for pick-up and transport, it will also help you save your facility money.

4. Properly Store Your Pharmaceutical Waste

A huge number of pharmaceutical waste is created by nursing homes and senior living facilities.
At Glycon, we intend to safely and properly remove and dispose of expired and unused medications so as to keep your clinic or business compliant. When you pour medications down the sink, they get into the ground water. When medications are thrown away in the trash, pills may cause major damage if consumed. In order to avoid those incidents we work with those who have unwanted, expired, and unused pharmaceuticals to properly transport and dispose of the medications.

Let Glycon Help You With Medical Waste Management In Your Assisted Living Facility

Combining a medical waste program isn’t difficult, and by working with Glycon, this process will become even easier. With great pleasure we will help your staff learn the proper techniques to disposing of the many types of waste produced in your senior living facility every day. By doing so you will be able to keep your business according to the rules and regulations surrounding regulated medical waste and in some cases, can save your facility money in a long term.

Give Glycon a call today at (844) 494-8222 and find out more about our medical waste disposal Los Angeles services or fill out the form on our Quick Quote page. Remember, Glycon services span coast to coast to encompass the entire lower 48 states from Southern California and everywhere in between.

What To Look For In A Medical Waste Disposal Company

It can be very difficult to choose a medical waste disposal company if you hesitate and you are not sure what to look for. If you’re a busy doctor’s office or hospital you might be tempted to just pick the first company that appears in your Google search results. After all, what’s the difference – they all do essentially the same job, don’t they? You just want to get rid of your bio-hazardous waste quickly, safely and with as few headaches as possible so you can get back to the rest of your work.

Choosing a Medical Waste Disposal Company: All the Options

Fortunately, the medical waste management business is growing, which means consumers have more choice of services. Based on RNR Market Research, there are several factors contributing to this growth, including more medical waste regulation and an aging Baby Boomer population requiring more health services and procedures, which in turn incurs larger amounts of medical waste. This is good news for consumers because it means there are more options in medical waste disposal companies. But it has a bad side too, because having lots of options can be confusing, especially if you’re not aware what differentiates one company from another.

When choosing a medical waste disposal company, instead try to get informed on the key factors to look for and the questions to ask when searching for a service. Spending a few minutes of research now means that you won’t have to revisit the same decision six months later, when it turns out the company you picked doesn’t satisfy your needs or fully complying with your state’s regulations.

Do you have to immediately sign a contract or can you “try before you buy?”

Like most people, you also don’t want to be tied down to one provider until you’ve had a chance to see if you’re a good fit and if you’re happy with the company’s services for the price. Search for a medical waste disposal company that offers a contract-free grace period so you can try them out first. Customer loyalty has to be earned. Any company that doesn’t offer a no-commitment trial might not be confident in it’s ability to keep you as a customer.

Will your annual service rates go up unexpectedly?

Is there anyone who likes negative surprises, of course not, but some companies may try to impose hidden fees and service charges. One medical waste disposal company in Tennessee was taken into court as it regularly was raising its rates even though it promised only to do so under “limited conditions.” Make sure there isn’t any fine print in your bill or contract.

Is the company fully compliant with federal and state regulations for medical waste disposal?

You might assume this is a given for any medical waste management company, but each state has its own regulation and they are subject to change. You want to make sure the company you choose understands all the regulations and is keeping up-to-date with new rules as they arise.

Does the company offer a variety of materials and receptacles to suit your waste management needs?

It should be noted that a small clinic’s needs may differ from a city hospital. Try to find out whether the medical waste disposal company you choose offers a variety of sizes of tubs, barrels and containers for your use, as well as complementary red bio-hazard bags, liners and boxes.

Does the company make regular and/or frequent pickups?

There isn’t any hospital staff member who would like to see medical waste just sitting around, even if it’s in a sealed receptacle. A good medical waste management company will make regular pickups so your waste is gotten rid of quickly and efficiently!

Can you reliably reach out to customer service if you have questions, especially about what to dispose of and where?

It may not be immediately obvious what waste can go in your waste receptacles and no one should expect you to have to suppose and guess! For example, a sharps container is usually considered to be as a receptacle for needles syringes but it can actually hold all medical waste materials that have the ability to puncture skin. On the other hand, standard office supplies and household items shouldn’t be thrown in your red bio-hazard bags. If you are not sure of what you can dispose safely and where, it helps to have access to a quality customer service team who can answer your questions and are there when you need them.

It pays to be informed. You will make the right decision the first time if you know the right things to look for in Glendale medical waste disposal. It’s a good feeling when you know you can count on your service provider to be honest, professional and compliant.