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medical waste management

The number of senior assisted living and nursing homes has been greatly increasing over the last few years. Nursing homes are not quite hospitals, however they offer a few types of healthcare treatments to insure the happy and healthy standard of living of their residents. So there exist a lot of rules and regulations to follow when it is spoken about the medical waste produced. If you throw it away in the trash it will not reduce it.

If you operate a nursing home, check out our guide to help improve your regulated medical waste management and learn how Glycon can help.

1. Create A Medical Waste Management Program

People are out at risk in case if hazardous biomedical waste is not disposed of in a right way. Hence, it is necessary to create a medical waste program which would comply with federal and state regulations.

In addition to keeping your senior residents and staff safe, a great medical waste program can also save money. All the members of the staff must know exactly what is allowed to throw away in regular trash cans, what can be recycled, and what medical waste goes into what containers. If you separate and manage your overall medical waste in a proper manner, you can save your assisted living or nursing home facility money.

2. Train All Staff On Safe Medical Waste Disposal

You have the opportunity to have a perfect medical waste program, but it is in vain if you cannot get your staff on board. Many nursing homes and other medical facilities do not manage to dispose of medical waste in a proper way because of the absence of training.

3. Properly Store Your Medical Waste

Part of a facility’s medical waste plan is to know sorting of medical waste into disposal container. Every day a nursing home uses items that is considered medical waste such as needles, syringes, bandages, gloves, and other items that may contain bodily fluid which may be infectious.
Glycon will provide you with the proper red medical waste disposal bags and red plastic containers for you to dispose of medical waste. Knowing properly to store your medical waste, will not only make it easier for pick-up and transport, it will also help you save your facility money.

4. Properly Store Your Pharmaceutical Waste

A huge number of pharmaceutical waste is created by nursing homes and senior living facilities.
At Glycon, we intend to safely and properly remove and dispose of expired and unused medications so as to keep your clinic or business compliant. When you pour medications down the sink, they get into the ground water. When medications are thrown away in the trash, pills may cause major damage if consumed. In order to avoid those incidents we work with those who have unwanted, expired, and unused pharmaceuticals to properly transport and dispose of the medications.

Let Glycon Help You With Medical Waste Management In Your Assisted Living Facility

Combining a medical waste program isn’t difficult, and by working with Glycon, this process will become even easier. With great pleasure we will help your staff learn the proper techniques to disposing of the many types of waste produced in your senior living facility every day. By doing so you will be able to keep your business according to the rules and regulations surrounding regulated medical waste and in some cases, can save your facility money in a long term.

Give Glycon a call today at (844) 494-8222 and find out more about our medical waste disposal Los Angeles services or fill out the form on our Quick Quote page. Remember, Glycon services span coast to coast to encompass the entire lower 48 states from Southern California and everywhere in between.