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What Wastes are Not Medical Wastes?

Medical waste segregation deals with sharps waste, red bag waste, chemotherapy waste disposal and general hazardous waste. It is not only good practice to do segregation and using properly marked containers. Furthermore it’s economical and leads to less waste. There is a gray area of what’s not, and it essentially comes down to a few checkpoints while there are many evidences of what’s considered regulated medical waste under these categories,–


Volume is a big factor in determining what’s considered regulated medical waste In New York. Facilities that generate a small amount of medical waste are exempt from RMW regulation.


Wipes, medical gowns, gloves, and other types of personal protective equipment tend to have trace amounts of medical waste on them. However it’s not enough to be considered actual medical waste.  The list can include bed linens, sheets, and towels as well.

At-Home Medical Waste.

Some stuffs are not medical waste such as bloodied tissues, bandages, that washcloth you used to cover up a laceration, while technically a potential contaminant. We can throw them in the regular trash with no need for governance or regulation. When it comes to disposal of needles those who use sharps at home should use the proper care and precaution as safety. So prevention is necessary despite not being regulated within the home.

The process of segregating wastes into the right categories can greatly reduce the volume of what’s considered regulated medical waste. You wouldn’t put paper trash into red bag waste, nor would you put sharps in a trash receptacle. In these situations, you’re either paying for unnecessary services or violating regulations, thereby costing more in fines and penalties, but how can you be sure what goes where if there are some gray areas?

To make sure you’re compliant your best course of action is to work with a certified, responsible hauler. Our company will help your facility customize a waste removal plan that adheres to your needs. Choosing a medical waste disposal company means looking for a company that strictly adheres to compliance policies and provides reliable services at affordable rates. We have a highly trained staff that is properly equipped for medical waste removal so you can focus on keeping your home, your offices, and your communities healthy.

Advantages of Modern Medical Waste Removal

We Have Many Reasons To Be Grateful For Modern Medical Waste Regulations And Management.

Many laws control modern medical waste removal. So most take for granted just how long it take us to arrive at safe and effective medical waste management processes.

Medical waste removal became a hot issue sometime in the late 1980s. Beaches were with disposed syringes, medications, and other healthcare-related waste. Laws such as the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and Medical Waste Tracking Act (MWTA) of 1988 further advanced the Solid Waste Disposal Act. With modern technologies as microwave units, incinerators and autoclaves and various chemical systems, we are healthier and better for it. The same goes for our environment.

We should be grateful for the laws and governing bodies to help deal with our medical waste. There are just a few reasons why.

Better Labeling Means Better Safety

Many states categorize waste into sub-categorizes. There are cultures and stocks, human blood, blood products, sharps, and animal waste. Containers are not only mandated by law while keeping types of medical waste separate and using properly marked. It helps you choose how and when, not to mention whom removes the waste for you.

Better Infection Control

These programs help facilities make infection control plans. It includes proper containers and signage, access to the right cleaning supplies, and the latest in personal protective equipment. With laws come infection control programs that help identify and reduce risks of infections in patients and healthcare workers.

Better Sharps Management

Sharp is actually the medical term for a sharp-pointed object that can cut or puncture the skin. It includes needles, syringes, auto-injectors, lancets, and connection needles. We have a stringent set of guidelines and laws on how to deal with sharps waste Under the FDA.

Sharps disposal guidelines state:

  • We can dispose used sharps in a sharps container
  • We can purchase sharps containers from supply companies
  • Sharps containers must be puncture-proof, rigid and have lids that seal securely

We had to deal with the problem of what to do with the solid waste we generate. We should all be thankful for these advancements.  As technology, science, and public health has evolved, so, too has the knowledge of proper medical waste disposal and general Medical Waste Disposal needs, and for public health and safety reasons.

What to Look For in a Medical Waste Removal Company

Medical Waste Removal Company

Hiring a medical waste removal company is a serious decision for a medical facility.  

You need to take into account all the details to pick a company that will efficiently service you facility. The stakes are higher, because it’s not just your lawn you have to worry about—it’s the reputation of your organization and potential fines for non-compliance. In order to be helpful for you to make the right choice, here are a few things you should look for when choosing your Southern California medical waste removal provider.


As in every industry  first it must be taken  into account the experience. A company that has been around for a while has had a chance to fine-tune their operations and has trustworthy workers who have proven themselves on the job. Glycon having  over 5 years of experience.  By keeping up their quality and good reputation they  continue to provide excellent customer service., that is why they still exist as a business company.


There is nothing wrong from your waste management company when their truck shows up to collect your medical waste, but you could be getting so much more out of this relationship if your waste management company truly cared about you. At GLYCON, we not only consider ourselves to be your service provider but your partner as well .We are always ready to answer your questions. We are always happy with pleasure to help with EPA forms. We are your partner in achieving the most affordable compliance with medical waste regulations.


Medical waste management often requires quite a bit of back-and-forth between you and your Los Angeles medical waste removal company. It doesn’t matter  you need help with your bi-annual EPA report on controlled hazardous substances, or simply want to change your collection schedule, you shouldn’t have to call and leave multiple messages only to have someone call you back 3 days later. Be convinced that  the waste management company you hire is committed to customer service and has trained employees who handles customer communication.

Now If you are sure  what to look for, you can be more confident when you are call different companies for quotes. Be sure to meet with your final candidate in person and visit their facility before you close the deal—you’ll be able to see how professional, organized and efficient the company is.

Interested in getting a quote from GLYCON or want to learn more about us? Feel free to give us a call at (844) 494-8222. We serve all of Southern California ( Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Anaheim, Riverside, Irvine, Santa Ana, Santa Barbara, San Diego and Glendale medical waste disposal…)

Can You Trust Your Medical Waste Service Provider?

medical waste service provider

Part of the responsibilities that come along with being in charge of a medical facility is making sure your waste is disposed of properly. In most cases, you will need professional help. However you can’t trust any old medical waste service provider.

Check Your Medical Waste Service Provider Reliability

When you choose a medical waste company the first thing you have to take into account is their reliability. Try to find out whether they have a good feedback? Do they have testimonials to back it up? Always remember that you are responsible for all of your waste until it is destroyed – even after it has left your facility. For this reason, it is too important to choose a trustworthy medical waste removal company.

Peace of Mind

You can be confident that your waste is handled in an appropriate way. You don’t have to worry about being fined or worse. Glycon, with a decade of combined experience and excellent customer service assures you that we are an efficient and professional Glendale medical waste disposal service provider.