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Biohazardous Medical Waste Containers

Bio-hazardous medical waste containers

When it comes to medical waste, each subcategory has its own regulations for being properly disposed of. Bio-hazardous medical waste containers require special attention to ensure they are properly disposed in compliance with state and federal regulations.
Four types of bio-hazardous wastes exist, each of which need to be treated uniquely when disposing.

Solid Bio-hazardous Waste

Solid bio-hazardous waste consists of non-sharp items that came in contact with human or animal specimen materials—such as tissues or bodily fluids. This might include petri dishes, personal protective equipment, and towels.
Container: This type of waste should be collected in a designated container with a lid that is lined with an autoclave bag and marked with the bio-hazard symbol.

Liquid Bio-hazardous Waste

Liquid bio-hazardous waste consists mainly of bloody and bodily fluids that could be contaminated with infectious agents.
Container: All liquid bio-hazardous waste must be collected in leak-proof containers secured against tipping over and labeled as bio-hazard. Additionally, the primary liquid containers can be placed in a secondary vessel—such as a tray or bucket.

Sharp Bio-hazardous Waste

Sharp bio-hazardous waste (also referred to as sharps) consists of any medical device  that came in contact with potentially infectious biological material that is sharp enough to puncture the skin.
Container: Sharps containers are designed to be puncture-resistant, leak-proof, and safe to handle. Regardless of bio-hazard status, all sharps are collected in such containers, but bio-hazardous sharps should be labeled with a corresponding symbol.

Pathological Bio-hazardous Waste

Pathological waste includes removed human (or animal) organs, tissues, and body parts that have been exposed to infectious agents.
Container: To prevent potential leaks, pathological waste should be double-bagged and stored similarly to liquid waste in secondary containers.

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