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Biomedical waste in a veterinary Office

When we talk about biomedical waste and hazardous waste, the majority of people only think about hospitals. Although they are considered the main source of most medical waste,

Other facilities such as the veterinary clinics also creates biomedical waste that needs to be handled and disposed in a proper manner.

The following things must be to taken into consideration if you assist in managing a vet clinic.

Know Where To Place Your Sharps And Other Regulated Medical Waste

When pets visit the vet office, logically they can’t exactly tell the doctor about the symptoms they are complaining of as humans will. This means the vet will have to run more tests than usual to determine why Fido is not acting like himself. Therefore, in the result of more tests more syringes and needles will be needed. Besides tests, many people bring their pet in annually for routine vaccinations. And although many vets try to give as few shots as possible, the needles add up.

Needles (sharps) must be placed in a safe, designated sharps bin as it is done in hospitals. Besides needles, anything which is contaminated with blood must also be thrown away in a designated place such as a red bag. With Glycon, all of our services include bio-hazard bags and bio-hazard boxes. And if you wonder what goes where, just contact us to get all the answer to your questions.

When we speak about medical waste, where it is disposed. whether it is regulated or not, everyone working at the veterinary clinic and office must be properly trained and educated about what goes where. For instance, one must certainly know that it is not the best idea to use a cutely painted milk jug and to throw away used needle. Besides causing harm to a worker or animal in the clinic, it will cause your clinic a hefty fine.

If you use such methods for disposing medical waste, it could cost your clinic too expensive. And in extreme cases, a vet could be shut down. Working with a medical waste disposal company like Glycon can both assist you to create a safer environment, and it can also help prevent costly fines.

Glycon Can Help You Manage Your Medical Waste Disposal

At Glycon, we realize the trouble caused by ever-changing rules and regulations. If you cooperate with us, you can insure yourself with everything and get rid of any kind of troubles and headache as you get a team that does the research, the training, and everything in between.

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