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medical waste

When one speaks about medical waste, many people may be astonished that hospitals and clinics are not the only types of institutions that create hazardous waste and/or bio-medical waste. Actually, the list is growing with the different types of businesses and facilities that  every day add to the medical waste stream each.

In order to  see if your business made the list and to learn how Glycon LLC can help you with removal and disposal of your medical waste we are offering you to read the following.

Who Creates Medical Waste?

Medical waste is classified as  “any solid waste generated in the diagnosis, treatment or immunization of humans or animals, in research pertaining thereto, or even in the process of testing of biologicals”.

That is why  there exist some  businesses and facilities that may be disposing of medical waste by simply throwing it in the trash. To learn why this is a big “no, no”, read our blog, 3 Reasons Why Bio-Medical Waste Services Are Necessary. Let’s see, schools and daycare facilities have a nurse on staff so as to take care of accidents such as a bloody knee or nurses may be responsible for managing daily shots. In this case, the nurse would need to dispose of the used needles in a sharps container.

Veterinary offices, dental offices, and lab and research facilities also require a proper removal and disposal services. However, the in-home care industry is considered to be one of the fastest growing business. There exist a growing number of home health nurses who help patients in their homes after surgeries or even on a daily basis.

Hotel chains, tattoo parlors, and manufacturing facilities also are considered industries producing medical waste. Glycon LLC has a diversified client base and aims to work with businesses so as to create a safe and healthy environment with the help of using proper disposal solutions.

Glycon Can Help You Manage Your Hazardous And Medical Waste Disposal

Pick-up options – Glycon LLC offers a variety of pick-up options no matter weekly or semi-annually. Glycon LLC will assist you in creating a schedule that meets your facility’s requirements.

Availability – Glycon LLC is available from coast to coast. It provides services to the lower 48 states.

Low prices, high customer satisfaction – Glycon LLC provides consistent and competitive pricing on all of its services. As our business is based on integrity, honesty, kindness, decency, respect, compassion and a belief in truth, justice, honor, love, and working together to make life better, we offer fair contracts with fixed prices.

It doesn’t matter what kind of your business or industry, if you produce medical waste, Glycon LLC will  help you certainly. Contact us any time you need by giving us a call at (844) 494-8222. Let Glycon LLC do the research to create a safe and compliant medical waste disposal plan that fits you and your business’s needs.


Some people while hearing  the term “bio-medical waste” would  think of the antagonist in that one sci-fi movie you meet and watched because you were bored or couldn’t find the remote. However, most medical waste is no longer  harmfulcompared to  regular waste we produce on a daily basis. Still, the large amounts of bio-medical waste should be taken seriously, and as there are some types of medical waste, which can be harmful and even infectious to humans, bio-medical waste services are necessary. Below you will find a thorough explanation  on why bio-medical waste services are necessary.


Biomedical waste may  harmful to population because of its  content. All medical waste, especially waste from hospitals and clinics must  be handled regarding that the waste is or could be infectious to people. Some biomedical waste items having infectious impact  to humans are any items which contain blood, items containing bodily fluid like catheters, gloves, cultures, bandages, gauze, etc.. The waste like this must be  disposed of properly so that unaware humans do not have any contact with them.


Biomedical waste  is harmful both  to people and to animals and the overall environment in case if it is not disposed of properly. The quantity of the waste produced by hospitals alone is increasing every day. Considering that 15% to 25% of all medical waste is biomedical, infectious waste, it must not only be  removed from sites properly but it must  also be disposed of properly. If waste is not disposed of properly, it can contaminate the air, water, and even the soil. This may result to infectious rodents and insects that can transmit diseases.


Laws on biomedical waste disposal and biomedical waste services are becoming more strict because authorities became to understand the possible dangers associated with biomedical waste, medical waste removal, and medical waste disposal.
We not only appreciate  the safety of our own employee sat Glycon, but we also value our clients’ safety. Glycon offers OSHA certifications at the click of a mouse to help your business/industry learn more about workplace safety when it comes to biomedical waste so that you don’t receive costly penalties.

As we are already aware biomedical waste can be very dangerous and harmful  to humans and the environment, and potentially infectious, however it won’t turn into a green slimy monster that takes over a small suburban town. If you are in charge of a hospital, not very big clinic, veterinarian office, dentist office, or any facility and institution  that produces biomedical waste in the result of  your job duties, Glycon is always here to assist you.

Glycon is licensed and recognizes the importance of safety when it comes to medical waste disposal in Los Angeles and other cities in California