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Red medical waste containers

The plastic red medical waste containers and red medical waste disposal bags which can be found in the exam rooms of the family doctor, vet clinic, or dentist office are NOT just for decoration. These red bags are typically designed and provided to hold biomedical waste and to help in time of the disposal process. The red coloring also helps bring attention to the people working in the facilities and it easily warns them that the bags and containers are “special” and have to be treated with “special” care and attention.
the following three tips are to help you manage your red bag, biomedical waste.

Separate Your Medical Waste To Save Money And Your Business

While disposing of medical waste, it is forbidden to mix them, with the other rubbish you have. It is forbidden both by law and there exist also hefty fines enforced for being non-compliant. There exist fines for improper medical waste disposal .In fact, not separating your medical waste in a right way is one of the most common infractions and carries a steep fine.
Only bio-hazardous waste should be placed in red bags or red containers. Bio-hazardous waste is the solid or liquid medical waste and is contaminated with blood or other infectious material. Red medical waste containers and red medical bags must be moved away from general trash bins. In doing so the chance of medical waste being thrown in the regular trash can will be decreased and vice versa. It can save you both from getting a high priced fine, and also cut down on the amount of non-medical waste going in the red bags and bins and ultimately not to waste your money money.

Choose The Right Red Medical Waste Containers From The Beginning

As to medical waste, there isn’t a “one size fits all” container. In fact, there are a few things to think and carry out when deciding on medical waste containers.

  1. Containers should be DOT-approved.
  2. Containers should be the correct size for the waste.
  3. Containers should be the correct material for the type of waste.

Glycon, provides biomedical waste bags and biomedical waste boxes. It will also help you you know more about what type of waste goes into which type of container.

Don’t Forget About Sharps

It doesn’t matter that sharps are small, much damage can be caused by them if not disposed of in a right way. They can also rack up fines if anyone, including employees, gets stuck. The sharps which have already been used must be put into a container that cannot easily be punctured and preferably in such a container which was made of regulated plastic containers, One should also empty or change out his/her container unless it is full. If not doing so, it will increase the chances of employees getting stuck. Sharps should also be closed or locked in a sharps container before being placed in a red bag.

At Glycon LLC, we understand that it can be  a daunting task to control your medical waste. Call us for all you Los Angeles medical waste disposal needs.