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Sharps Disposal

Reduce possible bloodborne pathogen exposure to your team by hiring Los Angeles-based experts to manage your sharps disposal practices.

Glycon can help you establish an efficient system including the use of reusable containers to minimize expenses and to demonstrate your dedication to green initiatives to your customers. We can help you safely and properly dispose of any type of sharps.

Sharps disposal

Pick-up And Packaging

As part of your custom plan, we provide the appropriate supplies, containers and receptacles that meet all US regulatory standards for proper transit to treatment or recycling facilities.

Your only concern is to work with one of our team members to select the ideal time to meet your operational needs.

Recycling and Disposal

We are dedicated to recycling whenever possible. In cases where recycling is not an option, we have an elite network of licensed partners to dispose of all biomedical materials properly.

If you ever have any questions about which items are recyclable and which are disposable, just call our 24/7 customer service team.

Sharps disposal service

Sharps Disposal Discounts for
Los Angeles-based Clients

FREE PICKUP! As a way to say thank you for using our services, we are providing our Los Angeles area clientele 10% off and your first pickup is free with a 2-year contract. Thank You!







Nursing Homes

Veterinary Clinics

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