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Sharps Containers Aren’t Just For Needles. What Else Goes In Sharps Container?

Perhaps you saw the practitioner drop the needle into a sharps container if you had blood drawn or received a vaccination at a healthcare facility. These containers are crucial for infection prevention. They are rigid, puncture-proof, and have lids that seal securely to prevent the contents from spilling out. However sharps containers aren’t just for needles. “Sharps” is the medical definition for any sharp-pointed object that can cut or puncture the skin.

What Else Is Going Into Sharps Container?

Sharps have potential disease-carrying blood or other potentially infectious materials on them, they are talented of spreading disease.

Other Examples Of Sharps Waste Includes:

  • Suture needles, butterflies, scalpel blades
  • Insulin  needles and diabetic lancets
  • Vacutainer tubes, blood collection tube  (plastic and glass)
  • Phlebotomy needles with vacutainer tube holder attached
  • IV catheters
  • Capillary tubes, both plastic and glass
  • Expired or used epinephrine auto-injectors
  • Dental wires and endodontic files

Executing a sharps safety program is the best defense against improperly using a sharps container. Institutions should look at their needle devices to determine safety and check how sharps are being handled and disposed of.

Staff should remember to never use sharps containers as regular waste receptacles. Not only is this unsafe, it is also costly for waste generators, as the waste hauler must separate the waste.

The FDA, Sharps Disposal Guidelines State announced that:

  • Used sharps can be disposed of in a sharps container
  • Sharps containers can be supplied by companies
  • Sharps containers must be inflexible and puncture-proof

What is a sharps management program. It is a proactive service to help healthcare facilities advance environmental and employee safety. Don’t be ill-prepared! Contact us to discuss all of your medical waste disposal needs and solutions to suit your organization’s needs and budget!