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Medical Waste Disposal

Glycon provides seamless biomedical waste disposal services in Los Angeles. Including collection, transport, recycling and disposal.
We will handle and collect all medical waste in the appropriate manner and provide OSHA-approved supplies.
Our disposal process includes working with the industry best, licensed disposal organizations in all of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles-Based Medical Waste Disposal

We work closely with Los Angeles-based policymakers to ensure your waste is disposed of properly. We specialize in the city of Los Angeles medical waste disposal regulations to ensure all parties involved are following the right practices for the safety of all.

Glycon Control

The Environment

Protecting the environment is our top priority; therefore, we recycle any and all materials possible. We work hard to minimize risk and to ensure the safety of the water supply.

Proper Supplies

We will provide you with the proper supplies for disposal. Such supplies are often color coded and meet the stringent government guidelines to ensure everyone is in compliance.

Easy Pickup

Our easy pickup is for your convenience. We work with your schedule by providing flexible hours so that your waste management process works with your business operations.


Allow Glycon’s experience to work for you. After working in this industry for many years and working with dozens of clients, we have learned a thing or two along the way. Our practices are lean, efficient and economical. And, we customize our strategies for your specific needs in your targeted industry based on current regulations.

Together, we can develop a plan that entails packaging, handling, removal, disposal, recycling, and managing. Let us take the pain out of your medical waste management process.







Nursing Homes

Veterinary Clinics

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