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medical waste transportation

Bio-hazardous waste pickup & bio-hazardous waste disposal

Collecting your medical and bio-hazard waste in approved containers is only part of the job. To be fully compliant, you also need to safely transport your waste to a certified facility for disposal. Glycon’s all in one solutions make it easy for you to handle all your medical waste needs, from collection and storage to transportation and disposal.

Affordable, effective solutions for bio-hazardous waste transportation

We know that patient safety, compliance and improved outcomes are important to you, but that you have to be budget conscious as well. Our solutions are fully scalable, so you pay for only the services you need right now; your all-inclusive Glycon LLC services can grow as you do.

Medical Waste Transportation

When your business generates medical waste, including sharps, liquid waste, solid waste and even pathological waste, you need to sort, store and transport these items properly. Glycon’s service is unique, because we cover all steps of the process. Some medical waste companies leave you to collect and store on your own, or want you to transport your own waste. Our comprehensive solutions include everything you need to be fully compliant, including:

Collection Containers: Clearly labeled, secure containers make it easy for your team to safely sort and store waste items right away.

Employee training: When every member of your team knows what to do with medical waste and how it should be sorted and stored, your entire facility becomes more compliant and less at risk.

Regular Pickups: Regular visits from a dedicated Glycon LLC medical waste specialist ensures you are fully compliant with all regulations. Your technician will pick up your full containers and drop of fresh new ones, so you never go unprotected.

Transportation: Your waste and biohazardous material is transported in our state of the art vehicles to a Certified Waste Treatment Facility in full compliance with all OSHA and DOT regulations.

Disposal: Once on site, our expert technicians dispose of your medical waste and document the process so you can prove you are operating in full compliance with HIPAA, OSHA and other regulatory agencies.

Let Glycon help make your practice compliant

Other medical waste companies leave transportation up to you, which wastes your valuable time and makes it more difficult for you to deal with the logistics of disposal. At Glycon LLC, we handle all your medical waste disposal needs, from start to finish, so you never have to worry about your medical waste needs again. Contact us to learn how easy it is to get started and how affordable our plans are for your business.