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Chemotherapy Waste Disposal Los Angeles, CA

Chemotherapy Waste Disposal Los Angeles

It’s important to have a medical waste removal and disposal service provider you can count on. Why? In the process of performing your medical services, you will inevitably create waste. This waste will need to be disposed of properly in order to prevent associated issues. If the waste is hazardous, even more care will need to be taken. Glycon provides hazardous and bio-medical waste disposal services in Southern California ( Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Anaheim, Riverside, Irvine, Santa Ana, Santa Barbara, San Diego …). We serve a wide range of industries, including laboratories, clinics and hospitals in several scientific and healthcare fields. Hundreds of medical facilities of all types trust Glycon for their waste management advice and services. Give us a call to see why for many businesses, Glycon is their provider of choice!

medical waste disposal


We have an experienced team that handles biomedical waste and offers top-notch hospital waste management solutions at affordable prices.
medical waste disposal


Glycon serves a large group of laboratories in the Los Angeles area. Our laboratory waste collection and disposal services have earned praise from our clients.
medical waste disposal


We offer cost-effective biomedical waste management services to doctors who run private clinics, making their practice safer and smoother!
medical waste disposal


Several nursing homes in Glendale, CA and the surrounding region area rely on Glycon for the separation, collection, transportation and disposal of biohazardous waste.
medical waste disposal


We work with dental clinics to handle the collection and disposal of all medical waste, whether from routine exams or intensive surgical procedures
medical waste disposal


Our operations aren’t limited to facilities with human patients. We also provide biomedical waste collection and disposal services for veterinary hospitals and clinics.

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Glycon offers specialized medical and biohazardous waste management services for facilities of all sizes. Our professional service is tailored to your business need, your industry and your budget. For professional, efficient and complaint medical waste management services and friendly 24/7 customer service…..Trust in Glycon!
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Count on us anytime: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are here to help!


We are eco-friendly, we do our part to keep the environment safe and green!


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Keep costs low with our range of budget-friendly services!
We count on Glycon to pay attention to detail. They carefully empty each and every container in the clinic and always put new bags in the disposal containers!

Veterinary Clinic Owner

Glycon’s drivers are professional & efficient, making sure to show up on time and complete their work quickly. They have made a big difference in the lab.

Laboratory Manager

Our practice wouldn’t run as smoothly without Glycon’s help. We recommend Glycon to all of the dentists’ offices we know in the Los Angeles area.

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Proper disposal of hazardous waste is an important responsibility. Let us take care of it.