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Any person creates rubbish. However, the disposal of our trash and waste can be different. Some people recycle it. Others burn trash in a five-gallon drum. Some others throw it away in the nearest trash can. Yet, bio-medical waste is not your “normal” trash or waste. Actually, the way of medical waste disposal may differ from state to state according to their laws and regulations.

People who fail to dispose it properly may have to pay hefty fines. Everyone should be careful not to make mistakes during the disposal of their facility’s biomedical waste.

Avoid Improper Handling of Biomedical Waste

While handling medical waste, it is very important to follow rules and regulations. These rules don’t harden your job it just cares of your and the others’ around you.

If your facility handles biomedical waste, you have to know the specific guidelines set forth by OSHA, your state of operation, and the government.

At Glycon, we understand the importance of staying compliant. We offer online OSHA training to help your employees stay safe and keep your facility from getting fined due to non-compliance.

Avoid Not Having the Proper Training

It doesn’t make any difference where you work as it is important to provide corresponding training to your staff members. It will not only hinder your employees what they are expected to do but it also prevents confusion later on if something does come up.

In addition to offering online OSHA training, we can also work with you to create a DOT Approved Biomedical Waste Plant hat is customized to fit the needs of your facility. These plans, along with proper training, help keep your team, our team, and the public safe from potentially infectious wastes.

Avoid Placing Waste In The Wrong Containers

As some medical waste have infectious nature, the waste must be thrown into the correct containers. You cannot throw medical waste in a regular trash can close to your desk or put used needles in an old gallon milk jug. It is also important to label medical waste containers in a right way. This helps to identify what types of waste go into what container.

At Glycon, we offer the necessary biohazard bags and biohazard boxes / biohazard containers to keep you safe and compliant. These containers are specifically designed to hold biohazardous material securely until it can be disposed of correctly.

Avoid Not Using Licensed Biomedical Waste Services

When you need to refer to biomedical waste disposal services, you cannot just hire anyone. In order to keep your business developing and your facility compliant, you should hire a licensed biomedical waste service. From medical facilities and hotel chains to tattoo parlors and manufacturing facilities, we offer dependable and affordable waste management. As we have over 5 years of experience and are licensed to operate within the lower 48, you can feel confident in your waste management choice.

Glycon is here to help you with all your biomedical waste disposal needs. Wherever you are either in North Carolina or in Southern California, Glycon provides services from coast to coast. With consistent and competitive pricing, were always ready to help you find the right medical waste disposal solution to meet your needs.

Contact us just now and let us work with you to create a biomedical waste disposal schedule suitable for your clinic, business, or facility


When one speaks about medical waste, many people may be astonished that hospitals and clinics are not the only types of institutions that create dangerous waste and/or bio-medical waste. Actually, the list is growing with the different types of businesses and facilities that  every day add to the medical waste stream each.

In order to  see if your business made the list and to learn how Glycon LLC can help you with removal and disposal of your medical waste we are offering you to read the following.

Who Creates Medical Waste?

Medical waste is classified as  “any solid waste generated in the diagnosis, treatment or immunization of humans or animals, in research pertaining thereto, or even in the process of testing of biologicals”.

That is why  there exist some  businesses and facilities that may be disposing of medical waste by simply throwing it in the trash. To learn why this is a big “no, no”, read our blog, 3 Reasons Why Bio-Medical Waste Services Are Necessary. Let’s see, schools and daycare facilities have a nurse on staff so as to take care of accidents such as a bloody knee or nurses may be responsible for managing daily shots. In this case, the nurse would need to dispose of the used needles in a sharps container.

Veterinary offices, dental offices, and lab and research facilities also require a proper removal and disposal services. However, the in-home care industry is considered to be one of the fastest growing business. There exist a growing number of home health nurses who help patients in their homes after surgeries or even on a daily basis.

Hotel chains, tattoo parlors, and manufacturing facilities also are considered industries producing medical waste. Glycon LLC has a diversified client base and aims to work with businesses so as to create a safe and healthy environment with the help of using proper disposal solutions.

Glycon Can Help You Manage Your Hazardous And Medical Waste Disposal

Pick-up options – Glycon LLC offers a variety of pick-up options no matter weekly or semi-annually. Glycon LLC will assist you in creating a schedule that meets your facility’s requirements.

Availability – Glycon LLC is available from coast to coast. It provides services to the lower 48 states.

Low prices, high customer satisfaction – Glycon LLC provides consistent and competitive pricing on all of its services. As our business is based on integrity, honesty, kindness, decency, respect, compassion and a belief in truth, justice, honor, love, and working together to make life better, we offer fair contracts with fixed prices.

It doesn’t matter what kind of your business or industry, if you produce medical waste, Glycon LLC will  help you certainly. Contact us any time you need by giving us a call at (844) 494-8222. Let Glycon LLC do the research to create a safe and compliant medical waste disposal plan that fits you and your business’s needs.


The word “compliant” can immediately make even the best office or business managers’ head spin with all of the rules and guidelines involved. However, when referring to managing a the dangerous medical waste of a facility or institution, one must understand that these guidelines are set for a very specific reason. Leaking hazardous medical waste will not cause the next set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, however it may put your employees, your patients or customers, and your business at risk of coming into contact with infectious waste and/or receiving hefty fines.
Here are several methods to help keep your health care facility or business compliant when you are obliged to manage hazardous waste.

Make Staff Training A Priority

First of all you have to make sure that they receive the proper training. Without proper training, guidelines which include placing sharps into a puncture-proof container, can easily be overlooked.
We take care of both being compliant and keeping your staff and patients healthy and safe at Glycon. Actually, Glycon offers various OSHA certifications to help you train your employees to avoid dangers of improperly handling or disposing of medical waste.

Always Use Appropriate Containers/Bags

One of the simplest rules to follow when disposing of medical waste is to always use proper containers or bags. For instance, you would never put a sharp into a red biohazard bag. If you do in this way it can puncture the bag and allow medical waste to contaminate your facility. Placing medical waste in the correct bag or container in a correct manner also helps when the waste makes its way to the disposal center because several types of waste must be disposed of in a certain way.
Having idea which containers are for what type of waste goes back to the very first tip. Take the time to thoroughly train your staff in proper waste management. Besides increasing the health and safety of your facility, it may even lower a few “staying compliant” headaches in the future.

Partner With The Right Waste Management Company Like Glycon

When you choose the right waste management company to partner with, it becomes easier to stay compliant. Having already over 5 years of experience, Glycon knows what should be done to stay on top of the ever-changing OSHA and federal regulations surrounding the management of bio-hazard waste.

With affordable, flexible, and nationwide coverage, Glycon can help you create a waste management suitable to your company’s requirements. Give us a call today at (844) 494-8222 and allow us to help you get rid of the headache of medical waste removal, medical waste transport, and medical waste disposal.


When we make a decision about disposing of pharmaceuticals of any kind, it is time for hesitation whether to flush prescriptions down the toilet or sink. It’s obvious that doing such things may raise the risk of contaminating ground water. However it is also not desirable to throw the said pharmaceuticals in the trash. Landfills are already overflowing with hazardous items, and there is a possibility for them to end up in the wrong hands. The EPA and other governing agencies have been sparing their efforts over the past couple of years putting together policies to protect our environment and the human race alike.

What does this mean for your business or facility? Check out the following frequently asked questions about pharmaceutical waste disposal and waste management if you want to find out more about how you can assist your place of work and your environment.

Are All Pharmaceuticals Considered Hazardous Waste?

Of course, not all pharmaceutical waste is considered a hazardous waste depending on where you live. Although even if a particular type of pharmaceutical waste may not be considered “hazardous”, pharmaceuticals can still be harmful. Because of this reason it is very important to dispose of, transport, and eliminate pharmaceutical waste properly. Different types of chemicals combinations are included in pharmaceuticals. and in case of improper disposing of multiple pharmaceuticals major damage can be caused.

Can Pharmaceutical Waste Be Red Bagged ?

The simple answer is “no.” Like we talked about it above, pharmaceutical waste often contains many different chemicals and chemical combinations; therefore, it is considered a hazardous chemical waste. Red bagged waste contains bio-hazardous waste and is most commonly placed in an autoclave, microwave, or incinerator until the waste is considered harmless.

Hazardous chemical waste, such as pharmaceutical waste, must be disposed of by placing the waste into an incinerator which is brought to a temperature that is so high that it can literally break down the chemical composition of the waste.

Can All Pharmaceutical Waste Be Placed In The Same Disposal Container?

Pharmaceutical waste can have different forms, among them liquid, powder, and solids. As far as we know from the subject of chemistry class, when we join certain chemicals together, chemical reactions occur. So it is very important that certain pharmaceuticals be divided in separate containers depending on certain characteristics of ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity, and toxicity.

Why Is Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Important?

There are a lot of reasons why it is important and necessary to dispose the pharmaceutical waste. Several main top reasons for proper disposal are: the health of workers and patients, the reputation of facility, and the facility’s bottom dollar due to increased fines being imposed if hazardous waste is not disposed of properly.

Glycon realizes the policies and regulations that surround medical waste removal and medical waste disposal. Let Glycon take the efforts and stress out of managing your facility’s medical waste flow.

Glycon offers safe, compliant, and affordable solutions customized to fit your requirements. Give Glycon a call today at (844) 494-8222


One of the first and important steps of the removal and disposal of medical waste is dividing the different types of medical waste. The reason of this is that a certain method of disposal for one type of waste may not be a good choice or safe and useful for another type of medical waste.

The below-mentioned is a breakdown of the different types of bio-medical waste that Glycon generally disposes.

Infectious Waste

According to definition, infectious waste is considered to be any waste products or substances, which are probably to be contaminated or exposed to an infectious virus, bacteria, parasites, and so on. Lab cultures, tissues, and gloves are included in waste products. Taking into account the nature of infectious waste, the waste is very important to be handled properly from the very beginning until it is completely disposed. Besides understanding the requirements of handling and disposing of infectious waste, but Glycon LLC also encourages its clients and their employees to become OSHA certified.


Sharps are any device which are used to puncture the skin. Devices such as syringes, scalpels, blades, and needles become a form of biomedical waste after they have been used.  It is very important that sharps waste to be handled with extreme carefulness taking into consideration the nature of sharp objects and the possibility of transmitting infectious waste if a contaminated sharp puncture the skin after being used. Glycon LLC offers biohazard boxes for the safe and efficient disposal of sharps.


Pathological waste can be sorted by as animal or human body parts, organs, tissue, fluids, and items from surgery such as blood and biopsy specimen. This kind of waste must be disposed of in the biohazard container with the RED bag.  During the process of disposal most pathological waste is scorched.


Chemical waste is not a difficult task to understand. It is any waste which is born by chemicals. Anyway the concept is  very simple, handling and disposal can be harmful and very hazardous if it is not done in a proper manner. There exist specific guidelines to follow when disposing of different chemicals.


Pharmaceutical waste mainly includes expired and contaminated medications. The expired and/or contaminated medications must be disposed  in a proper manner so that they were unavailable to someone who does not need them or contaminate the water supply.

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If your profession or business use any of the above items, it is important to choose a medical waste disposal company who is aware of the removal, transport, and disposal of medical waste.

Glycon LLC is a nationwide company with over 5 years of experience in the industry. We strive to put our customers first while offering schedule flexibility and affordability. Give us a call today at (844) 494-8222 to speak with someone about our services and how we can be part of your medical waste solution.

What To Look For In A Medical Waste Disposal Company

It can be very difficult to choose a medical waste disposal company if you hesitate and you are not sure what to look for. If you’re a busy doctor’s office or hospital you might be tempted to just pick the first company that appears in your Google search results. After all, what’s the difference – they all do essentially the same job, don’t they? You just want to get rid of your biohazardous waste quickly, safely and with as few headaches as possible so you can get back to the rest of your work.

Sifting through all the options

Fortunately, the medical waste management business is growing, which means consumers have more choice of services. Based on RNR Market Research, there are several factors contributing to this growth, including more medical waste regulation and an aging Baby Boomer population requiring more health services and procedures, which in turn incurs larger amounts of medical waste. This is good news for consumers because it means there are more options in medical waste disposal companies. But it has a bad side too, because having lots of options can be confusing, especially if you’re not aware what differentiates one company from another.

When choosing a medical waste disposal company, instead try to get informed on the key factors to look for and the questions to ask when searching for a service. Spending a few minutes of research now means that you won’t have to revisit the same decision six months later, when it turns out the company you picked doesn’t satisfy your needs or fully complying with your state’s regulations.

Do you have to immediately sign a contract or can you “try before you buy?”

Like most people, you also  don’t want to be tied down to one provider until you’ve had a chance to see if you’re a good fit and if you’re happy with the company’s services for the price. Search for a medical waste disposal company that offers a contract-free grace period so you can try them out first. Customer loyalty has to be earned. Any company that doesn’t offer a no-commitment trial might not be confident in it’s ability to keep you as a customer.

Will your annual service rates go up unexpectedly?

Is there anyone who likes negative surprises, of course not, but some companies may try to impose hidden fees and service charges. One medical waste disposal company in Tennessee was taken into court as it regularly was raising its rates even though it promised only to do so under “limited conditions.” Make sure there isn’t any fine print in your bill or contract.

Is the company fully compliant with federal and state regulations for medical waste disposal?

You might assume this is a given for any medical waste management company, but each state has its own regulation and they are subject to change. You want to make sure the company you choose understands all the regulations and is keeping up-to-date with new rules as they arise.

Does the company offer a variety of materials and receptacles to suit your waste management needs?

It should be noted that a small clinic’s needs may differ from a city hospital. Try to find out whether the medical waste disposal company you choose offers a variety of sizes of tubs, barrels and containers for your use, as well as complementary red biohazard bags, liners and boxes.

Does the company make regular and/or frequent pickups?

There isn’t any hospital staff member who would like to see medical waste just sitting around, even if it’s in a sealed receptacle. A good medical waste management company will make regular pickups so your waste is gotten rid of quickly and efficiently!

Can you reliably reach someone in customer service if you have questions, especially about what to dispose of and where?

It may not be immediately obvious what waste can go in your waste receptacles and no one should expect you to have to suppose and guess! For example, a sharps container is usually considered to be as a receptacle for needles syringes but it can actually hold all medical waste materials that have the ability to puncture skin. On the other hand, standard office supplies and household items shouldn’t be thrown in your red biohazard bags. If you are not sure of what you can dispose safely and where, it helps to have access to a quality customer service team who can answer your questions and are there when you need them.

It pays to be informed. You will make the right decision the first time if you know the right things to look for in a waste management company. It’s a good feeling when you know you can count on your service provider to be honest, professional and compliant.