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Bakersfield Liquid Waste Disposal

Glycon LLC offers a full suite of Bakersfield liquid waste disposal services for industrial and business applications. See our list of services below for a complete overview.

Bakersfield Liquid Waste Management Services

Glycon LLC has helped industrial manufacturing, textile and transportation companies in the Bakersfield, California area, providing a safe, reliable and cost-effective liquid waste disposal services. Our range of services includes removal and disposal of waste water, used oil and sludge, liquid industrial waste, cleaning fluids and pesticides, by-products of manufacturing processes and more. Learn more about our Liquid Waste Disposal Services.

Industries That Need Liquid Waste Disposal Services

Industrial liquid waste disposal


Demolition liquid waste disposal


Construction liquid waste disposal


Furniture Manufacturing liquid waste disposal

Furniture Manufacturing

Textile Manufacturing liquid waste disposal


Leather Manufacturing liquid waste disposal

Leather Manufacturing

Motor Freight Liquid Waste Disposal

Motor Freight

Railroad Transportation liquid waste disposal

Railroad Transportation

Equipment Repair liquid waste disposal

Equipment Repair

Laboratory liquid waste disposal


Medical liquid waste disposal


Pesticide liquid waste disposal

Extermination / Pesticide

Vocational liquid waste disposal

Educational / Vocational

Photo Processing liquid waste disposal

Photo Processing

Printing liquid waste disposal


Industrial Liquid Waste Disposal Services in Bakersfield, CA

Glycon LLC waste management services include disposal of all types of liquid industrial waste, wastewater, CRA hazardous waste and more. Types of Industrial Wastewater we dispose of: Inorganic wastewater, Organic wastewater, Listed hazardous wastewater, RCRA wastewater with heavy metals, RCRA wastewater with organics, Non-hazardous wastewater, Oil and water mixtures.

Liquid waste disposal industrial
liquid waste disposal construction

Construction, Demolition and Renovation Liquid Waste Removal in Bakersfield

Glycon LLC hazardous waste management services in Bakersfield, California are a cost-effective, safe, reliable and environmentally friendly way to dispose of liquid (paint, thinners, solvents etc) and other hazardous wastes. Our bio-hazardous waste management specialists will work with your organization to create a custom waste disposal plan that will immediately cut costs and keep your construction site safe.

Textile and Manufacturing Waste Disposal in Bakersfield

We offer a complete waste disposal system specifically for the manufacturing industry. Textile Manufacturers, Furniture Manufacturing and Leather Tanneries are examples of industries that create a substantial amount of liquid waste by-products during the manufacturing process. Call Glycon to assist your company with proper collection, transportation and disposal of your facility hazardous waste.

Textile Industry water disposal

Bakersfield Liquid Waste Management

 Glycon LLC can handle all of your liquid waste disposal needs with speed and accuracy. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation we are able to deliver the prompt and reliable service you deserve and always at a competitive price.

We ensure our Bakersfield waste disposal clients complete regulatory compliance, proper handling and exceptional 24/7 customer service. Our trained staff is knowledgeable and up-to-date on all state and federal regulations pertaining to the disposal of liquid hazardous waste. We’re dedicated to helping you understand these, sometimes confusing, regulations.

No more waiting days and weeks! Our customer service staff and liquid waste compliance specialists realize the importance of attending to the needs of our customers, and it’s not something take for granted. We have on-call staff available 24/7 because your concern is our concern!

Liquid Waste Disposal Services Available throughout Central and Southern CA

Liquid Waste Disposal

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