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Biomedical waste

All people create rubbish. However, the disposal of our trash and waste can be different. Some people recycle it. Others burn trash in a five-gallon drum. Some others throw it away in the nearest trash can. Yet, bio-medical waste is not your “normal” trash or waste. Actually, the way of medical waste disposal may differ from state to state according to their laws and regulations.

People who fail to dispose it properly may have to pay hefty fines. Everyone should be careful not to make mistakes during the disposal of their facility’s biomedical waste.

Avoid Improper Handling of Biomedical Waste

While handling medical waste, it is very important to follow rules and regulations. These rules don’t harden your job it just cares of your and the others’ around you.

If your facility handles biomedical waste, you have to know the specific guidelines set forth by OSHA, your state of operation, and the government.

At Glycon, we understand the importance of staying compliant. We offer online OSHA training to help your employees stay safe and keep your facility from getting fined due to non-compliance.

Avoid Not Having the Proper Training

It doesn’t make any difference where you work as it is important to provide corresponding training to your staff members. It will not only hinder your employees what they are expected to do but it also prevents confusion later on if something does come up.

In addition to offering online OSHA training, we can also work with you to create a DOT Approved Biomedical Waste Plant hat is customized to fit the needs of your facility. These plans, along with proper training, help keep your team, our team, and the public safe from potentially infectious wastes.

Avoid Placing Waste In The Wrong Containers

As some medical waste have infectious nature, the waste must be thrown into the correct containers. You cannot throw medical waste in a regular trash can close to your desk or put used needles in an old gallon milk jug. It is also important to label medical waste containers in a right way. This helps to identify what types of waste go into what container.

At Glycon, we offer the necessary bio-hazard bags and bio-hazard boxes / bio-hazard containers to keep you safe and compliant. These containers are specifically designed to hold bio-hazardous material securely until it can be disposed of correctly.-

Avoid Not Using Licensed Biomedical Waste Services

When you need to refer to biomedical waste disposal services, you cannot just hire anyone. In order to keep your business developing and your facility compliant, you should hire a licensed biomedical waste service. From medical facilities and hotel chains to tattoo parlors and manufacturing facilities, we offer dependable and affordable waste management. As we have over 5 years of experience and are licensed to operate within the lower 48, you can feel confident in your waste management choice.

Glycon is here to help you with all your medical waste disposal needs. Wherever you are either in North Carolina or in Southern California, Glycon provides services from coast to coast. With consistent and competitive pricing, were always ready to help you find the right medical waste disposal solution to meet your needs.

Contact us just now and let us work with you to create a biomedical waste disposal schedule suitable for your clinic, business, or facility